Restrict tickets to Certian users/admins and disallow agents from viewing them

I dont know if there is a way to do this but,

I want to be able to setup a way to restrict ticket access if the attribute is set to a certain level. Okay so what I have setup is a Object called “Access Level” And I have 3 Tiers. That being:

  1. Agents
  2. IT Technicians
  3. Sysadmins

Sysadmins being the highest role out of all of them. I have also created a Overview in the “Overviews” tab in the admin settings called “Admin Tickets” which sorts tickets to only show Tier 3 Tickets. But as an agent you can search for all tickets, While yes I could just disable the permission to allow users to view all tickets in the search bar. But sometimes the agents need to be able to view tickets created by other agents. If this is something I have to code in with the console that will be frustrating. Since I use Docker and the terminal in it is such a pain. Or if anyone could help me with how to use commands in the docker terminal that would be very helpful. If anyone could please assist me that would be great!

This is what groups are for:

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Hi YetAnotherGerrit,

Thank you for your response! I have figured this out before you replied to this. Yea I was thinking it was a groups thing. Now I can finally hide tickets for just admins to view.

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