Request for Nested / Expandable Overviews

First off; thanks for making such a great product. At my last company I was using Zendesk and I like using Zammad WAY more than Zendesk. One plugin I miss however from my Zendesk days was the ability to have nested or expandable overviews. I create many overviews and it is getting increasingly hard to stay organized with all the overviews I have. Previously I used nested overviews as a task list of sorts (which is a feature request for another day).

From the user side of things, you could create a nested overview by including the name of the existing overview and adding two chevrons before the nested overview name.

Examples of overview names:

Overview>>Nested Overview
Overview3>>Closed Tickets
Overview3>>Open Tickets

This is how it would look in the overviews page (not expanded):

Overview >
Overview3 >

This is roughly how it would look in the overviews page (expanded):

Overview v
– Nested Overview
Overview3 v
– Closed Tickets
– Open Tickets

I hope that makes sense. At any rate, keep up the great work. Zammad is fantastic and keeps getting better!