Reports show accounted time when ran

Is there a way to have reports how Accounted Time when ran?

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If you need a detailed overview of who when added how much time to the accounting you’ll need to use the tickets history function.

The time accounting function reports itself do not contain this information.

Is a more detailed report on the feature request list? We are having difficulties too to use it for using the function in invoicing the customer. But also for an overview wether or not “all” time in a workshift is accounted for by the agent, so he/she can ‘think again’ at the end of the day and notes and time to the tickets handled. I’m pretty sure others have this need to. Is funding of development possible?

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I would Take Part of funding. Need fields “billable”, “billed” and Reports Matching.

Should not be that much work I think.

Sorry, but I can’t provide any information on our roadmap and especially this specific Zammad feature.

What I can offer is at least a custom development with -if the colleguales think it fits- option to merge this into the Zammad core.

If you’re interested, you can drop a mail to sales [at] zammad [dot] com.
We’ll define the requirenments together with you and provide a quote.

I hope this helps.

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