Reporting problems # StatusCode: 500

It seems that something is configured to point localhost and not my external IP address. How can i configure or install the missing things?

StatusCode: 500

{“error”:“Unable to process GET request to elasticsearch URL ‘’. Elasticsearch is not reachable, probably because it’s not running or even installed.\n\nResponse:\n#\u003cUserAgent::Result:0x00007f2341436348 @success=false, @body=nil, @data=nil, @code=0, @content_type=nil, @error="#\u003cErrno::ECONNREFUSED: Failed to open TCP connection to (Connection refused - connect(2) for \"\" port 9200)\u003e"\u003e\n\nPayload:\n{:query=\u003e{:bool=\u003e{:must=\u003e[{:range=\u003e{"created_at"=\u003e{:from=\u003e"2018-01-01", :to=\u003e"2018-12-31"}}}], :must_not=\u003e[{:term=\u003e{"state"=\u0

03e"merged"}}]}}, :size=\u003e0, :aggs=\u003e{:time_buckets=\u003e{:date_histogram=\u003e{:field=\u003e"created_at", :interval=\u003e"month"}}}}\n\nPayload size: 0M”}

Your elasticsearch service is most likely not running or even installed.
Please check that.

You can find the needed steps to do in our documentation:

Thank you , i did the appropriate configurations and its ok now!

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