Reply to agent created email ticket isn't associated


  • Used Zammad version: 3.0.x
  • Used Zammad installation source: Docker
  • Operating system: Ubuntu 16
  • Browser + version: all


  • Agent creates a ticket by writing an email to the customer, CCing Zammad
  • Customer replies to the email

Expected behavior:

  • Reply is added to the ticket

Actual behavior:

  • A new ticket is created

Can anyone make a test to see if this happens to them too? Thanks

Some more information is probably required here, because in general, this works. Do both the outgoing mail and the reply have the ticket ID in the subject? Post the source for both mails if you can, that would probably make it easier for us to determine what’s going on here.

No it doesn’t! Maybe I didn’t explain clearly enough.

I, as an agent, can open a new ticket on behalf of a client by sending an email to the customer CCing Zammad email address. This automatically creates the ticket associated to the customer’s company. So the first email doesn’t have a ticket id, yet. I expect Zammad to link the two mails by References header, as there’s no other way to do that

There are settings in :gear: -> Channels -> Email -> Settings -> Additional follow-up detection. If you enable “References” there, does that help?

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Oh! Thank you very much!!! The italian localization didn’t make me realize what that options were for! Thanks!!

I usually use software with the original localization, but I’m also translating it as the italian messages often needs fixing.


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