Renewed notification of open chat request


  • Used Zammad version: 3.2
  • Used Zammad installation source: DEB
  • Operating system: Ubuntu 16
  • Browser + version: Firefox 73

Expected behavior:

  • A repeated notification that a chat request is still open. Repeated browser notification or sound.

Actual behavior:

  • We have activated the chat. If a request comes now, a browser notification (Chrome) Firefox does not sound briefly and a tone sounds. After that there is no further direct notification.

Is this possible?

Thanks and kind regards

No this is not possible, at least not for the “sound”.

Visually there are a counter on the UI and a pulsing tab within the chat view that indicate someone’s waiting for ya.

Personally I think that’s enough.
I receive so many notifications during my work day that I’d go nuts if it keeps on ringing.

I mean, normally I ignore those kind of notifications for a reason.
If you take to long to respond, Zammad will also automatically disable the chat.

I’d love to understand your use case though, because if you have chat enabled, you have a time frame of some minutes in between activity before it gets enabled because of inactivity.

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