Remove the space between ticket hook and number in article zoom?

Zammad shows the ticket hook (e.g. Ticket#) and the ticket number in the article zoom below the ticket title - but with a space between both:

Ticket# 61007 - created 01/30/2019


(I don’t know if there’s a name for this combination of ticket hook and ticket number; I’ll just call it the ticket identifier for now.)

IMO this space is wrong because when the agent now attempts to copy this ticket identifier into his clipboard, he’ll end up with something different from what Zammad actually puts into the subject (Ticket# 61007 in the clipboard vs Ticket#61007 in the subject). There’s Ctrl+Shift+. to copy the correct identifier of course, but many agents don’t know about it.

This is a problem when storing Zammad ticket identifiers in different systems; for example we use Redmine as our development bug tracker, and we’ve added a field “Zammad ticket” to our Redmine issues. I’ve configured a regex ^Ticket#(61\d{4,20})$ to match Zammad ticket identifiers (61 is the system ID) for this field. When the agent now copies the ticket identifier as displayed, Redmine won’t accept it, leading to confusion. I could allow a space here to accept both notations, but I’d rather have it consistent :slight_smile:

Is this space intentional, or can I create a pull request to remove it?


I’m totally with you, I can understand that this needs manual fiddling and in worst case the agent isn’t aware of that (plus you could save 30 seconds fiddling).

Maybe @thorsteneckel can tell us how intended this is :slight_smile:


Hey @martin.von.wittich - I’d love to see a pull request! Manual copying should have the same result as the shortcut (Ctrl+Shift+.).

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