Release Trigger Limitation

Dear Zammad Team,

There seems to be a limit to see up to 500 Triggers in the Zammad admin. If you create more, the trigger is saved in the database and acting, but you can not see it in the Admin Interface (

As the functionality to have more triggers is already given, would it be possible to release the limitation in the admin section?

Feel free to contact me, if you need any further information in this regards!



Holy moly, just out of pure interest: What are your 500+ Triggers doing?
Sounds like you’re trying to workaround a problem that might need better solving than “just raising limits”.

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Due to business logic are we working with a bunch of email accounts featuring more than on Alias Adress on each. Based on these addresses I need to assure that the tickets (incoming emails) are ending in the correct groups / with the correct agents.

Having roughly 50 people working with Zammad managing 3500 - 4000 Tickets, the need for automation is high. That’s the reason why we are using the Triggers extensively…

For logic stuff that only affects incoming mails (so once per created ticket), I’d like to advise you to use the postmaster filter.

They run once a email is received (if you use Triggers, Zammad will check all 500+ triggers upon every ticket update which might result in performance issues at some point)

Good hint with the postmaster filter. I will give it a try…

Sorry for resurrecting this thread, I’m facing the same issue, and would like to know if there’s a way to raise this limit (through a setting, or by changing the source code).

To make it short, we have tickets automatically created through Zammad API for a network of 650 point of sales. I believe using the API eliminates the postmaster filter option.
Each point of sale has at least one agent. Tickets must be assigned to agents based on several criterias (ex : point of sale name, customer language, etc.). This leads to a situation where we have approx one trigger per point of sale. And that works fine, except the UI only displays 500 triggers. Bumping this limit up by a couple of hundreds would make my life easier :slight_smile:

To start answering my own question:

  • there doesn’t seem to be a parameter for the max number of triggers returned by the API,
  • but the 500 triggers limit is hardcoded, in file “app/controllers/application_controller/renders_models.rb”, in line “per_page = (params[:per_page] || 500).to_i”
  • API users can always use pagination parameters (page and per_page)

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