Release tagging of the latest version

Hello there and thank you for this amazing piece of software!

I would kindly ask you to consider not tagging releases that are not released yet on GitHub.
This prevents us e.g. to use the renovate bot for automatic zammad upgrades.
And in general it is pretty confusing when visiting your GitHub page.
(Also tags should usually not be changed, so I’m a little confused why releases are even tagged that much ahead of an official release)
Tagging/releasing versions marked as pre-release or beta in a fitting versioning scheme would be okay though.

I’d love to hear your opinion, and hope that we can make zammad a little better with such a change.

Otherwise, I would need to build a workaround in the version scanning mechanism, that would not include the highest version (?). As you can see this is just not really deterministic or clear to use with tooling that scans for version numbers.

Thank you!

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Hello @saibotk, thank you for your suggestion.
In the past, the “unreleased” tags were used for our based workflow to generate binary packages also for our develop branch. needs a version tag to assign version numbers for the packages.
So I believe this will be required in future too; but we can certainly talk about marking the versions as pre-release. How should such a number look like in your opinion? 5.2.0-alpha?

Sad to see, that requires using a git tag …

It would certainly be fine to use 5.2.0-alpha, which follows the semantic versioning scheme.
It might still be confusing, that this tag is just used to provide the build version instead of being an actual point in time that this version is “released”, but this should remove confusion about “Hey I can see you guys already tagged v5.1, but i cannot find any changelog or announcement” and it will help with my problem of using renovatebot to automate my container update :slight_smile:

Thank you very much for the fast response!

as I’m reading it again - I just can’t stop now sorry.
We encourage administrators to not upgrade Zammad automatically.

If you do and run into errors, most of the admins out there won’t notice and thus errors may be noticed a lot later. Possibly even when it’s too late. You’ve been warned.

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I certainly know that something like that would be my own problem. But don’t worry, this is about automated Merge requests for my custom zammad container image :nerd_face::sweat_smile: not the deployment itself

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