Reject E-Mail request without a Subject


is it possible to “reject” E-Mail requests without a text in the subject?
I know I could use a trigger to send a replay to the user and close the ticket, but in this case, the ticket is created. I would like to reject the mail before a new ticket is created.


Hi Stephan,

you could try if this works for you:

Configuration > E-Mail > FIlter
Create a filter like the example on the scrrenshot:

I would suggest to use a tag instead of “ignore message”. That way you can check the tickets with this specific tag to see if it works. If it does, you can select “ignore message” and emails won’t come in anymore.


Hi Gijs,

Thank you for your answer. The problem with this solution is that the Customer will not get an information that the email is “dropped”.
I would prefer this:

  1. Client emailed to the “ticket email address”
  2. Zammad pull the email via POP3 / IMAP
  3. Rule: No Subject
  4. Zammad sending an note to the client and discard the email


Hi Stephan,

you can setup a trigger or automation.

You could trigger the tag that is being set by the email filter.
Based on that tag you can send out a message to the customer and close the ticket or even delete it.


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