Recommended Method of Handling Suppliers/ThirdParties?

Just wanted to ask the community this question to see if anyone got advice, tricks, tips?

Recommended Method of Handling Suppliers/ThirdParties?

At the moment I create object under Organization call OrganizationRole with Select and I have Customer, Suppliers, and maybe more but might keep it simple.

In our case we just mainly talk to Suppliers about issues. (e.g. Phone Lines, VOIP Services, Web Services, etc)

Users think I will create a Suppliers Roles as I think it makes more sense than a group. As group seems to be more for internal reasons.

Any advice, tricks, tips?

Thanks :grinning:

Just an update:

I have create a selete object under organization

Then for the User side I have created a Role

At the moment seems to be working ok.


Glad you could find a working solution for yourself.
Technically it doesn’t matter how you solve it as long as it works for you! :slight_smile:

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