Receiving emails with Zammad

Can I receive emails with Zammad? e.g. if my customers write an email to can they be added to tickets in Zammad automatically? If yes, where can I set this up? Under Settings->EMail and then just create a new account?
Thanks and sorry for asking such a basic question

Zammad requires existing E-Mail-Accounts (POP3 or IMAP).
Not sure if I get your question right in that case.

You can fetch as many accounts you want and need. You’ll have to add that account to your E-Mail-Channels.
Would also work with just one account and several aliases, but this is beyond basic knowledge and should only be done by advanced users.

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[UPDATE] Please disregard, I think something was wrong with the DNS MX records.

Is there any documentation on how to fetch the emails, beyond adding them to Zammad?
I’ve added the emails as per the documentation (including associating with a group) but when I send an email to one of these emails, zammad does not fetch it.

So I’m assuming that something else needs to be done besides adding the emails to channels/email.

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