Real hours accounted per day


I need to get an overview of the time accounted to tickets per day.

I am currently playing around with Grafana and Elasticsearch Data Source.
I can build such queries easily based on the value time_unit.
But this only gives me a sum of the full time which is accounted to tickets which were touched.
We have many tickets that are updated over days or even weeks - which leads to totally wrong numbers in this case.

I can not find any indexed value for the time accounted for single ticket updates, which I could use to calculate the accounted time per day.
If I had some kind of “article_time_unit” together with its timestamp, it would be my solution.

Can anyone help me with this?
Thank you in advance! Florian

The only source for this kind of information currently is the tickets history.
It holds a detailed history of the accounted time, no matter if positive or negative.

The history is not available within the searchindex.

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