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i have a question related to the maintenance mode in version 4 of zammad (running on a ubuntu 20 lts vm on hyper-v). Does the maintenance mode have any further effects on the system other than descripted in the documentation? Maintenance — Zammad Dokumentation

I’d like to pause any automation and processing like mails, notifications etc. while updating zammad from 4.x to the latest version. Check and configure zammad after upgrading to the latest version and bring back some of my micro customizing (a small number of gui-tweaks by css changes, changes in the mail template, nothing special which may cause problems) and then reenable the processing and notifications of the mails and tickets.

Any suggestions or recommendation from your practice for updating zammad?

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Seems like the maintenance mode really only prevents non-admins from signing in.

From what I can tell, it may be possible to disable all kinds of Channels (eg c = Channel.find(id) = false!) along any other automation with a script before doing any updates or changes to re-enable them after being done with the update. However I have not tested this.

Unsure if disabling the notification channels used for agents is supported in any way or if notifications will still be send out.

Unless I am missing something, there seems to be no easy “pause automation” otherwise, which would be an useful feature for me as well.

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I agree. Enabling maintenance mode should also provide the ability to pause any automation like mail processing.

I hoped a more experienced or core member could give a hint about, you need to disable this or that service and you achieve a comparable state.

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