Public roadmap available?

Hi, not sure if I selected the correct category but I didn’t find the “good one”, anyhow…
I really like Zammad but I still miss features (e.g. “editing of existing notes” or "dedicated ‘powerusers’ within an organisation having access to tickets of all users of an organisation (don’t mix up with organisation sharing all tickets or with some agent roles).
Some of them were already proposed by other users and put on a waiting list.

Is there somewhere public roadmap available which indicates upcoming features for the next releases?



a real roadmap isn’t available at this moment, but maybe I can find some time with @thorsteneckel to see what we can do about that. :slight_smile:

For current development stuff (beside of new super features on the list), you can check this link:

Other than that, you’ll have the following link for current issues that we’re adressing for milestones at the moment:

Right now our biggest goal is the knoewledge base, our devs are working hard on that topic. :rocket:


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