Proper implementation of ticket_hook_divider

The Zammad config knows a variable called ticket_hook_divider, which is meant to be inserted between the ticket_hook and ticket number, but is currently not configurable from the GUI and also not used in all places where the ticket_hook is being displayed or processed.

I have an external application that is for whatever reason unable to send mails with subjects containing the # character, but I need it to send mails that should get added to tickets. I would love to change the ticket_hook from Ticket# to Ticket, and set the now empty ticket_hook_divider to #. The existing mail subject parsing logic (in Ticket::Number.check) currently also allows 0-2 spaces instead of the ticket_hook_divider, so that application could just leave it out or use a space instead and everything would work fine.

My question to the devs is whether there is a reason that the divider config exists but is not properly implemented in all places and if there are any objections against fixing that.
I never really worked with Ruby and CoffeeScript, but could probably provide a crude PR for a proper implementation.

I can’t answer your dev question, but ticket_hook is freely configurable and doesn’t need to contain # (if that’s the thing that breaks your neck).

I can’t change the Ticket Hook completely on the production system, so I still want it to be [Ticket#1234], but I need the system to also recognize [Ticket 1234].
From how I understand the code, I think setting ticket_hook to just “Ticket”, and ticket_hook_divider to “#” should do the trick, but it also looks like ticket_hook_divider is only partially implemented. The reason might just be that it is set to an empty string by default and not visible in the GUI, so no one noticed yet.
I think it would be a great feature to have an optional divider between the hook and the ticket number. It would be great to hear from a knowing dev if a contribution would be appreciated or if there’s a reason not to follow that path.

I’m sure @thorsteneckel might be able to bring some light in here.
He’s currently traveling a lot, so answers might take some time :slight_smile:

Hey @kroimon - welcome to the community! It’s great to see that you want to improve Zammad :heart_eyes: We’re always open to contributions that will improve the overall state of Zammad. That said, I’m can’t follow your description completely. It would be really great if you could give me a short summary of all the places you mean where the hook divider isn’t properly used. Looking forward!