Pre - tagging issues

It would be very useful to allow user to select a tag (from a subset of existing tags), when creating a new issue.

This would remove quite a lot of work from agents servicing the queue and could make internal routing / assignments much more relevant (an agent could specialize in solving a particular group of issues).

Why you don’t use a custom field for this rathen then tags?

What bothers me is, when you create a new ticket as an agent, you have to know the name of the existing tags you want to use (or atleast the first 2 chars) so it will show up in the dropdown list. Also the often used ** wildcard does not work.

Once the ticket is created, you can add tags more easily because it will show the list of available tags right when you click on “add tag”.

Please equalize the behaviour of adding tags during the creation of new tickets.

@POleszkiewicz Are we talking about the same thing?


I just realized you can type in double space, then it will show the list :face_with_hand_over_mouth:. That works of course (but is kind of inconsistent with the mentioned double asterisk **).

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