Possible to use "and" "or" Conditions in Trigger?

Hi, I’d like to know if it’s possible, to use a “and” “or” condition for trigger.

The Example here:

2021-06-23 12_33_12-Window

I want Ebay Messages that have a certain word in the subject assign to a user or group.
But sometimes the sender address from ebay is different so I want to filter by the subject words.

I can only filter by one word but if the message is like the same but have a different word in it, I can’t add this word after “Question”, for Example “Urgent Question”.

To do that I have to create a hole new rule.

To get it visuell, my old ticket system solved the problem by adding a “or” option and I could use more than one word:

If it’s not possible I’d like to make a feature request here.

Hey @Cassiopeia23 ,

this request has already been made a lot of times on here + an open issue already exists on github:

You’re probably better off voting that one up.


Ok thank you very much, than I was to bad in using the search function right.

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