Possible to save create a customer from a forwarded email?


Sometimes, clients will email sales or execs with issues.

These people forward the email onto Zammad and tech/support team takes care of it.

We’re so used to simply typing in our replies without hitting the reply button. But this will send a reply to the person who forwarded the email NOT the user/client who sent the original inquiry or issue.

Is it possible to capture the email in the forwarded message? Can we add email as a variable in the message for Zammad to read it so support team can just reply without having to hit REPLY and then copy/pasting the message in TO: field?

This has happened more than a few times so best fixed with an automaton.

Or is some other workflow better suited to address this?

Not looking for a feature… just instructions if this already possible.

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Hey there,

the reply button doesn’t work here. But that’s normal, as every E-Mail-Client would react that way. (the FROM-Address is simply different, Zammad ignores the configured Customer if you click on reply of an article).

What you would have to do is (during replying) change the TO-Address to the one of the customer, this will work with auto complete.

Sorry about that

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