Possible to custom report columns/fields?


  • Used Zammad version: 6.0
  • Used Zammad installation type: (source, package, docker-compose, …) package
  • Operating system: Debian 10.10
  • Browser + version:
    Chrome, Edge, Firefox, private windows, to no avail

Expected behavior:

  • We can use Report Pofiles to create new reports as desired time frame and other conditions, it’s expected to be some options for us to select what columns/objects we need to be included in the report

Actual behavior:

  • After we downloaded the reports, all the objects were included, but most of the object columns were customized for some groups only, while other groups don’t need the information

Steps to reproduce the behavior:

Click report to download, or create new Report Profiles then download, no luck with it

That is not possible.
You could use Grafana for custom reports. I believe it is also able to create exports as CSV for example.

It allows extremely granular reports with all you need (or don’t).

Thanks a lot! I’ve deployed my own Grafana but didn’t find any clues how to use the data from Zammad, would you mind sharing any information regarding this?

@MrGeneration I saw this document Grafana — Zammad System Documentation documentation but my question is how can we configure Grafana to use the Zammad data via Elastic access, how does this work and how to configure it? I’m totally lost:(

The documentation tells you:

If that’s not good enough because you e.g. have Grafana on a different machine than Zammad, then I’m afraid I won’t help you. The data within Elasticsearch are very sensitive and incorrect protection of these will lead to disasters. Please consult the elastic documentation in such a case. They have you covered.

Hi @MrGeneration , are you suggesting it’s better to also install Grafana on the same server where Zammad is running?

It’s the easiest way. Just keep in mind Grafana is a ruby application and by default runs on Port 3000.

Apart from that I can’t dictate you on how you implement this. It’s your free choice.