Possibility to reintroduce user

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I’ve got a question, maybe it’s a request…

Is it possible to reintroduce user? So there is a little introduction when user first login. But when you miss it, user ask unnecessary questions. There is no checkbox to do so by modifying users. With run rails c, I guess, it is user.preferences “intro”=true, but I don´t know how to modify this value.

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There is an other point, which reference with introducing user (that´s why it´s maybe fits here as well). But it´s a different quenstion anyway. hope you let me get away with this :sweat_smile:

when a customer creates a new ticket, there is a hint right-handed (i’ve got the german translation):

“Was können Sie hier machen?
Der Weg um mit uns zu kommunizieren ist das sogenannte “Ticket”. Hier können Sie eins erstellen.”

is there a way to modify the text? because i’ve integrated new dynamic fields and want to explain them somehow.

do really nobody have a hint how to change the value in the rails console? i know how to change single value, but not how to change a struct value :frowning:

The discription given by creating a ticket via web… actually my naive thinking is to change the text in a file somewhere

Maybe it is easier to do it via the API

unfortunately, i´ve never used the api :neutral_face:
any hint how to do it?

curl -H “Authorization: Token token=your_token” -X GET http://zammad/api/v1/users/
gives you the information about the user

curl -H “Authorization: Token token=your_token” -X PUT -d ‘{“attribute”: value, “next attribute”: value2}’ http://zammad/api/v1/users/
sets the information you want to edit

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