Permanent announcement

I miss the option to inform my agents and/or customers within zammd.

e.g. to to announce the next maintanance break for my agents or an upcoming event

In the maintanance mode it’s already posible to show an indiviual text on the login screen.

see - Maintenance — Zammad Admin Documentation documentation

I would like to have another option to show an announcement permanently while login is still possible.
Idealy the admin could set a period of validity for that announcement and the role who would see it.

This could be placed on top on all zammad screens.


Hey @chrklo,

since you mentioned the maintenance mode why don’t you simply use the @Login message in the maintenance settings without activating maintenance mode?

Whatever you’ll type there will be displayed in a green box above the login screen regardless of maintenance beeing activated or not.

So login will still be possible.


I like that idea, I’m instantly thinking of a Gitlab functionality here:

The issue is not that he wants to display the message before logging in, but actually for logged in users that already are working where he cannot ensure that a push message (that’s only displayed to active sessions once) is enough for his users.

Also e.g. for longer service disruptions (e.g. “Großraumstörungen”) :slight_smile:


my I was not clear enough.

the message should apear within zammad and not on the login screen.
may you want to send or schedule an announcment when the the agents and/or customers are already logged in.

Yup, completely misunderstood your request, my bad.
Your suggestion seems way more appropriate for your use-case :ok_hand:t2:

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