Packages listing

Hi Hackers

is there a place to share zammad packages ?
Is zammad project considering pull request to add packages to open source edition ? a zammad-contrib or something ?

TBH this is very convenient and I though it might be interesting for others to get packages for some default calendars, teams/use case. And also a good way for zammad to add contribs to core if they are of enough interest and enough stable.

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there’s currently a very loose set of addons which, with enough patience, can be found on this board if they were shared by their creators.

Currently there’s no official place to share these.
We have plans for a better approach for addons in general which also affects listing options etc.

Currently the documentation may be a place, however, that documentation part needs rewrite so is no short hand option.

There’s no such thing.
If a pull request is made that would apply as a core functionality and would go to core maintenance.

This also means that we can’t accept random functionalities because we always try to aim 80% user base and more.

Possibly @thorsteneckel can give more insight in this topic if he has something to add.