Overviews: My tickets is not working for agents


  • Used Zammad version: 2.2.x
  • Used Zammad installation source: deb package
  • Operating system: Ubuntu 16.04
  • Browser + version: Firefox, Chrome both with latest stable version

Expected behavior:

Overview My Tickets should work for agents too.

Actual behavior:

My user is only an Agent. With this account i create a ticket. I set the customer to myself and set the group to sales. If I navigate to the Overview I see the My Ticket overview but it’s empty. If i change my user to customer role i see my tickets.
The strange thing is, if i edit the my ticket overview (settings) I see in the preview my own tickets.
It seems that the condition customer is current user not working correctly if I’m a agent. Or I’m to stupid to cinfigure it the right way.

The problem is, that the Agent should have the permissions to access agent tickets by group access, but also should see the own created tickets.

Steps to reproduce the behavior:

  • set the user to the role “agent”
  • create a ticket
  • set the customer to your own user
  • define the group to Sales
  • send ticket
  • check the overview “my ticket” its empty
  • change the user to customer and check the overview my ticket

Hi Schamant,
I think the Ticket you create is default assigned to the group Customer
You have to change the default assign for Tickets or assign the Ticket to the group “sales”
Groups in Zammad are like Serivce queues you may know from other Ticket systems

Additionally check if you Role are able to see tickets fo other groups
and check the configuration of your overview about the group

Role Agent hasto be configured to see Tickets of different queues
Overview has to configured to the groups

I do not think it’s an issue with the default group, Schmanat is changing the group to Sales.
It might be the problem that the agent is not an agent for the Sales group.

If you have multiple groups defined, they should appear in user settings. There you can define which agent should see the tickets assaigned to a specific group.


Just wondering how you created those nested agent levels.

@schmanat You have to assign the overview to your manually created group in order to make it accessible to it. If that does not work, please share how that overview is configured so we can help you better. :slight_smile: (in your case that should be “Sales”)

@Achu I wonder too how that was managed, I could not achieve this (I don’t need it any way)

The nested agent levels were with an older Zammad version. It appears if you have more than the default “Users” group.

I set up a test system with Version 2.2.x today and this behaviour changed slightly.
If you have more than one group and assign someone to the agent role, you will get a box where you can choose individual rights for each group.


If you have many agents, like me, you could also use roles. I think that makes a little bit less work when you reach a bigger user number. :slight_smile:

In this scenario you are controlling the ticket flow with the overview?
A consequence of this, the agents are not able to exchange tickets?

As an example, you have an SQL team and some onsite first level support.
With groups, the onsite support group can assign the ticket to the SQL group and the other way round.
Or is that not necessary for your agents?

Please correct if I am wrong about this, but I think roles are only good to use in combination with groups.


in order to redirect a ticket into another group, you need access to it (did not try, but I think at least “create”, should test that). If you don’t have access to a group, you can only move a ticket with a makro which might not be what you want.

For example I do have a Makro for “DeletedSpam” that nobody can see, since the lack to delete tickets. DeletedSpam nobody has access to so it’s like a trash bin nobody sees…

Edit: In my scenario I combine group rights with roles, that’s correct.
Edit2: Why don’t you post the configuration of your overview so we might see the problem?

Hey @schmanat,

is your problem the same as ours?


Wow thanks for your replies. I’m on vacation this week, so I will try all of your inputs and give than feedback.

thanks again.

First of all @svnr-dvnkln: Yes is exact the same behavior as your described in your ticket.

@all others :slight_smile:

I will try to explain the “real” situation with our orginal agents with an example of a ticket (with configuration).

We have two groups

  • 1400 Informatik
  • 1600 Organisation

For every Group i have (actuell) on member

  • 1400 / John Doe
  • 1600 / Max Mustermann

John Doe is an agent of 1400 Informatik, and Max Mustermann is an agent of 1600 Organisation.
The rights are shown in the picture:

Rights for Max Mustermann


The user/agent John Doe have the same rights only the other way

The “My Tickets” overview is configured like this:

So now I’m Max Mustermann and create a new ticket, call it “New employee Jane Doe”. The customer is himself (Max Mustermann). Max Mustermann assigned it to the IT (1400 Informatik). John Doe see now the ticket because the assignment ist for the group 1400 Informatik (for this I also create an Overview “Tickets for group 1400” this works). But now Max Mustermann would like to know how the state for this ticket is, so it should be able to see the own ticket.

For the Overview “My Tickets” I also tried the following rule:
created from is current user
customer is current user

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