Overviews: Group by tag

When you configure overviews, it’s just possible to group by fields but not by tags.

For example we’d like to use our own tags to priorize cases more precisely with the group-by function.


I’ll second that! Would be a much appreciated feature.

Yep, definitely +1 to this feature!

+1 we would appreciate this feature too.

Hi guys,

unless I am doing totally different from what you are requesting, tags (in the email subject line) are what I use to group tickets in different overviews…

My 2 cents,


Using the email subject to include tags means to change subjects and thats not a workaround for us, nor in my opinion for a broad Zammad usership.

Hi @m4ur1c3

you can use tags in the subject like [my-tag] and then use a trigger to add those tags to the ticket itself.
After that, you can create another overview to show tickets with my-tag on it.
You can even assign the new overview to an specific user or set of users.

I don’t see the problem…

My 2 cents…


Hi @rsysadmin,

there is no problem from the technical possibility of your solution, it just doesn’t work for us because we don’t want to manipulate the subject header.

Also, I’m not sure if what your describe is a solution for what this Feature request is about. In my understand @Hemling_IT woos for adding Tags to the overview settings option ‘Group by’ (the drop-down-menu at the image under “Ordering, grouping and active” here.) Currently there are many (if not all) ticket’s settings available like Group, Owner, Status, but not Tags.

You can already create overviews based on Tags as condition, but not as possibilty to group overview by them. And when I read your last post, I think your workaround also is a possibility to have an overview based on the condition my-tag, but not a way to group tickets in an overview. Or am I wrong?

I assume it is not possible / done with tags because in contrast to all the other fields tags are not a single value field.

Hence logically grouping becomes more complex.

Hi @m4ur1c3

I guess that our environment is less complex than yours (and I like to keep it that way! :slight_smile: ) and we do not have the need you describe, so far… Anyway, users can be very whimsical and who knows when they will come up with such a request as well :slight_smile:

Perhaps the Zammad Developers will take this request into account for future versions…


Exactly, we would like to use Tags in the overview settings to get a more finely sorted/grouped view.

Example: You have a common overview “email issues” with 5 supporters and custom tags. A list 15 tickets: 5 with tag “In progress”, 5 “Waiting for provider response”, 3 “Special wish” and 2 “Waiting for internal user”. A group-by function would help a lot to see which tickets have a need for action.

Based on the Starter license features!

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