Overviews analytics

I wasn’t able to find this data so i’m posting it here on Feature requests.

I’m interested in having metrics about how my agents are using zammad.
Which overviews are they using and which not, which macro, if they use the drag and drop for bulk actions from the overviews, and stuff like this.

Some kind of very simple backend analytic to help out admins of big organizations to improve agents experience (and users aswell if you allow them to create tickets from web interface).

Maybe it’s more of a “is it possible” than a “feature requests”. Dunno. :slight_smile:



I’ve been looking into Zammad’s karma_activity_logs in the database, to get an idea of users and their proficiency in using advanced features. Here’s a query I’ve used to get the karma scores of people who have been active in Zammad in the past day (excluding customers).

Note that Zammad’s policy is to discourage people from manually querying the database, as a mistake is easily made and could cause unintended side-effects or even damage your install, leading to data loss. You have been warned.

SELECT CONCAT("firstname", ' ', "lastname") AS "Name", login AS "Account", score_total AS "Karma (total)"
   ( SELECT DISTINCT ON (u.login) u.firstname, u.lastname, u.login, kal.score_total
     FROM karma_activity_logs kal
    JOIN users u ON (u.id = kal.user_id)
     JOIN roles_users rol ON (u.id = rol.user_id )
  WHERE rol.role_id <> 3
  AND kal.created_at BETWEEN (CURRENT_DATE - '1 day'::interval) AND CURRENT_DATE )
 AS result
 ORDER BY score_total DESC;

A high or a low score could mean a lot of things though, it is probably best not to make any assumptions about scores or base performance reviews solely on those numbers.

You could probably query for specific karma events and count those actions per user. I might look into that myself whenever I have some spare time, as I am also interested in that data about our agents.

The Karma log is technically the worst table you could aim for.
New agents naturally have a low score, old agents naturally a high one.
My scroe currently is at over 140.000 and only decreasing as I’m on vacation and have escalated tickets assigned. Believe me, the score is dropping slowly.

I should have probably spent a bit more time explaining:

By itself, the karma score is just a datapoint and don’t show anything, but ideally the scores should gradually increase over time. The changes in scores are significant, not the actual total. Agents with similar experience and similar work-hours should show roughly the same progress when collecting this data over a week or month. It could be interesting to investigate when someone is lagging behind or taking a big lead when compared to the rest of the agents.

To take the example of @MrGeneration his karma score would remain stagnant, even in slow decline. This would be interesting in normal operations, but also perfectly explainable due to his vacation.