Overview not showing if assigned to specific user

Expected behavior:

  • when creating an Overview, we need to assign it to a group (required) - if we want to also assign that Overview to a certain User (that is not member of the group - otherwise they would see it anyway obv.) then all members of the Group and the User (assignee) should see that Overview.

Actual behavior:

  • as soon as there is an entry (not tested for more than one or if the User is member of the Group) in the field “Available for User” the Overview is not shown for anybody.

Steps to reproduce the behavior:

  • create an Overview - assign to one certain Group, also make one entry in “Available for User” - check your Overviews

  • Used Zammad version: 2.4.x

  • Used Zammad installation source: ubuntu / apt

  • Operating system: ubuntu

  • Browser + version: firefox 59.0.3

I just wanted to add: it´s a pain to find a user in the field “Available for User” that let´s you chose a user, but does not jump to a first character when pressing a button - you have to scroll around to find a specific user which is fine if there are not more then ten or so…

after some more testing, I can see now that this is by design.
If we want to assign overviews to only certain users (of the same group) but not the whole group, we can choose those users from the “Available for User” list. The overview will not be available for other group members but only the selcted users.

Which means that if we want to have a certain overview for a bunch of random people that are not in the same group, we either have to create a group for them or need to multiply the overview…

From a usability point of view the users that are offered from the “Available for User” box could definitely be depending on the group that is chosen. i.e. initially we don´t see any users, only after choosing a group we are offered those that are members of the selected groups (would also help with the scrolling issue).
With the benefit that it should be more self explanatory whats going on imo.


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