Overview in Dashbaord

i see this Screenshot on the tour page on zammad.com:

is there any option to configure this list of tickets in the agent dashboard, i never seen this?

ooooh that’s neat!
Maybe this is a more current version on the hosted instances?

I would very much like this too - Particularly for our IT Manager to have a main overview of ticket status. Is this something that is hidden away somewhere or can be added?

I don’t know of that function, I gotta ask my colleguales here as this might be a missleading “screenshot” on our website. Thanks for the hint, I quite took some times to realize what you were meaning.

Okay so I learned that the picture you see there is a early design mockup.
There is no hidden functionality in Zammad for the dashboard (this feature indeed das not exist inside the code).

This would be quite time consuming I learned.
Sorry for the rather bad news.

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