Overview display remaining time


it would be a hughe help if there were some more attributes for overviews.
For example:
We have a overview for just our tickets which are “waiting for closing / reminding” and it would be a hughe help if we had an addional attribute like “due when” or “duration remaing” in this view.

I know, there is the possible to add these kind of thing to my personal calendar via ical but I can’t see such things directly in zammad except I take a look into the ticket or the waiting period is over and it’s start to glowing


Hey @MamoulianDelacroix,

you actually should be able to have such a column in your overview:


We’re already doing it. It’s called “pending till” in the overview configuration and it’s directly beneath “state”:




Thanks a lot.
I missed the forest for the trees there :flushed:

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