Organizations with multiple domains


Would be nice to be able to set several domains to an organisation.
For example :,
Or through a regex.

Some organizations have several domains, and for now we can only assign users based on one domain only, which can be annoying…

Note that this feature has been requested several times in the past :
Organisations with multiple domains, Organisations: Multiple Domains

Thank you very much for your support :+1:


CC @Maciek @InsaneSplash, as original requesters of the 2 topics linked above.

You guys should decide for one thread instead of three.
Duplicate threads don’t make it more likely to get a feature but instead split the hearts on the first article.

I believe this is not what you’re aiming for.
Right now this thread had the most attention:

You may want to stick with that one.

I agree @MrGeneration, and would have been pleased to post there, but both these threads are closed / locked…
So I opened a new / third one, to keep this topic alive :-/

I support this request, we also have multiple customers with more than one domain.
I can also understand why op made another thread for this because I don’t believe if I add a heart to a 3 year old and closed thread that this will somehow raise attention of the developers and is therefore pointless.

I also support this request. :+1:

Yes please, kindly add this feature.