Organizations/Organisation Inactive - User Stay Active?

Really enjoying giving Zammad a test run. :clap:

Quick Question I hope:

When I make an Organization Inactive it does not seem to make the organization users inactive is this as designed?

This might be Feature Request if it is not possible.

Not big deal just thought it made sense in my head if you are trying to keep on top of who is active/inactive within the ticket system.

Look forward to hearing from the community.

Hope you all staying safe.

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Yes this works as designed.
One of the reasons is that you could want to change the users organization because the old one went bankrupt or so.

Organization and Users do have references to each other, but these references don’t fire actions during activation / deactivation.

Thanks for quick response :grinning:

Fair enough it as designed will not stop me enjoying/testing this software.

I have change this to be feature request just to see what you might think.

Feature Request


Interesting that different approach I would take but I can see the benefits.

So the way I would do that is to create a new user under the new organization. As the email/domain should be different in most cases and I would want to keep record of what ticket was for what organization. (I might be misunderstanding how this works)

If possible it would be nice to see additional options for active/inactive organization that fire actions for users.

Not sure where you do this in GUI interface maybe under organization active setting?

Or maybe additional question after you choose active/inactive like Time Accounting provides?


This option I think would not stop an agent from reactivating the users even if the organization is inactive.

The aim of this setting would be to avoid an Admin/Agent having to manually make each user under an organization inactive. As this can be long process if there is a lot of users under that organization.

You might be able to do this quicker through a Zammad backend/API. If there is I will update this post with the information required. (If I can find any information on this)

Additional Message

Interesting you talking about user changing organizations I might revisit this in another post as I might want to dig into that a bit more. (want to run some more test and read documentation first)

Just warning: I might become annoying kid at the back putting his hand up while reviewing all this… :sweat_smile:

Trying to review documentation and testing things before posting.

Hope you are doing well.

Either by API or rails console.

untested rails version

Below will deactivate all users of a specific organization. :man_shrugging:

zammad run rails r "p User.where(organization_id: Organization.find_by(name: '{Organization-Name}'.id)).each{|user| user.update(active: false)

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Thanks for the info I will do some tests.

You have been very helpful. :+1:

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