Open Tab for Tickets assigned to me


Is there a possibility to let Zammad automatically open a new tab, when a ticket is assigned to me?
(not browser Tab, a Zammad tab on the side bar, where my active Tickets are)

That way, when Agent1 assigns a ticket to Agent2, Agent2 will see it right away.

Alternative: is there a way to filter the Notifications that come via Zammadbird? (e.g. only get a birdnotification on tickets newly assigned to me)

It would greatly help to reduce the clicks needed, when working (so I don’t have to go and look for tickets, they come to me)

Thanks from Switzerland!

Hey @lawinchen

I think there’s no “built-in” way to that. You’d probably have to work with the API to make this possible.

I guess what you’re looking for are the notification settings in your profile. Click on your avatar on the bottom left -> profile -> notifications. Per default you’ll be notified about not assigned/all tickets tickets for your defined groups. Just remove those checkmarks and you’ll be fine.


Thank you for the notification guidance, I really did not find that until now.

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