Older Tickets not found

Zammad Version: 2.8
Elastic Search. 5.6

currently we can’t find any tickets older than 4 weeks via the normal search. But if I want to create a report profile and enter the ticket number there, the ticket will be found immediately.
We already created the search index again but the result remains the same.!


You do have at least read rights to this group? (So you can e.g. click on the ticket number in the overview and open the ticket without any problem`?)

Also, did you receive any errors during rebuilding the search index?

Please also provide your production log.

I have reading rights to the group. But also agents with full access get this message. What first helped was to stop the zammad service, then rebuild the production log empty and restart the zammad service.

I see, so the problem is currently gone?

Yes at the moment the problem does not exist.

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