Objects visibility by group

I see in the backlog the feature request “objects for tickets should be dependent on group” .
It also looks like it has been prioritized by payment. But it has been created on July 2017 and it’s still there.
Is there an ETA ? Or do you know, roughly speaking, when it will be available ? (for instance, 2021 1st semester ? 2021 2nd semester ? surely not in 2021 ? ). What does the “OFF” label mean ? That the enhancement is “suspended” ? Of course I’m also very interested to it.
Thanks !


We in general do not provide any ETAs.
This would bring you guys to expectations we want or have to keep up with to not disappoint.
In the end that means a lot of pressure on our development which is always a bad idea like other industries (e.g. games) show quite effectly.

It’s coming when it’s ready.

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