oAuth redirect_uri

we have the problem that the oauth redirect is not working properly.
if the browser is logged into the zammad (session active) then the oauth redirect works. (&redirect_uri=https://redirectTo3thApp )

If not, the zammad login is shown. but after the login, the zammad dashboard is shown, instead of the redirect url.


does anyone have an idea why? - or is this a bug?

  • Used Zammad version: 6.0.0
  • Browser + version: all browsers

You mean that the redirect to the requested page is in this context not working and it always fallbacks to the dashboard?

yes. if the user is not logged in to the zammad, the redirect (after the successful login) does not work and the dashboard appears.

but if the user was already logged in, the redirect works fine.

same behaviour after update to 6.1

You can create a bug in GitHub with the current behaviour and it will be verified.