Notification emails goes to spam

  • Used Zammad version: 4.0.0
  • Used Zammad installation source: package
  • Operating system: Debian
  • Browser + version: Firefox 87 64bit

Expected behavior:

Notification emails goes out with the configured smtp server in emails

Actual behavior:

Mail goes out using zammad mail service with no spf or dkim and when the customer receives the mail it goes directly to spam

So, my question is, how can i make Zammad use my smtp server instead of the default? I searched the forum but found nothing.

have you checked this documentation; Email ā€” Zammad documentation
you can just configure your own smtp configuration from there, instead of relying on sendmail. Or you could configure your local MTA (which probably sendmail or postfix) to either include needed headers, or to use a smarthost

Yeah, i checked and i configured it. While receiving emails works the sender instead is apparently helpdesk@g---- but the actual sender is zammad mail service and fails the mail verification then spam.
I redacted the actual mails but heres the screenshots

Can we have a redacted header file of such an email?
Right now I have trouble to follow and am unsure if I see the scope.

Right now from the information we do have Iā€™d say this is relevant to your mail server / setup and not part of Zammad. But Iā€™d like to be sure.

Yesterday i tried to remove the notification email and for good measure i removed also the account email and re-configured it. I think it fixed itself up because now i get a PASS in the spf and doesnt get flagged as spam. I am sure that i used the correct password the first time i configured it in the first setup wizard because i use a password manager and i copy pasted it. Strange

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