Notice / Announcement of releases or advisory

I am not sure if it is the right place or catergory. anyway…

I am searching for a way to be notified when there’s a new zammad version or there is a security advisory.

I do not find any maillinglist, rss feed or something else.

Do I need to check up the website every few days/weeks to be safe that our zammad is up to date?

Kind regards!


as far as I’m aware: Currentely: Yes.


Can I be sure that the changelog on github will be updated (automatically) on every new release?

If so I would write myself a small script wich would check this file an send me the new content via mail

That change log looks to be auto generated from commits, so if the new release has commits the change log will update.

I was just poking around the zammad repo, I was going to suggest rather than checking the change log to check the repo for a new release, but it looks like the way zammad works that would be harder as they’ve already created the 2.6.0 release in the repo yet it’s still in development.

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