Notfication to Owner if Ticket assigned


  • Used Zammad version: 2.3
  • Used Zammad installation source: package
  • Operating system: cent os
  • Browser + version:

Expected behavior:

  • Send notification to new ticket owner if ticket is assigned to agent

Actual behavior:

  • no Email is send

Steps to reproduce the behavior:

I wan`t to notify the new ticket owner if an ticket is assigned to him
I configured a new trigger with the following conditions.

Status is not closed
action updated
Owner is changed

Send Email to Ticket owner

But the Email will not be send.
Where do I have my logical failure?
Can Anyone help please?
Thank you very much

I tried to verify it on my testsystem I created on the zammad website:

On that system your trigger ist running for me and sending mails.

It should be working for you too.

Maybe you could try it on the testsystem too and compare the behaviour.
I can see that the mail was send in the ticket history. Also in the ticket after each owner change I get an information line:
“Owner changed” -> “agent@mailadress”

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Hi Gwingend.
Thanky for your afforts.
I deleted my config and configured a new trigger, know it Works

Hi again,
Does anybody have an idea how to exclude the notification if you assign a ticket to yourself?
As Owner is used by “owner changed” a can not use the owner again.

As far as I know that´s not possible right now.
And you already got the reason. You have already user “owner” in you trigger and you can use each condition field only once.

Hi antbol,
you can try it with “Aktualisiert von->ist nicht->aktueller Benutzer” (updated from->is not->actual user).

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