No Variable for Ticket Body?

For an automated E-Mail notification I need the variable for the content of the Ticket.
I find everything…except the Variable for the text content.
I would
expect something like #{ticket.body}…but does not exist…


Maybe you’re looking for #{article.body}.

A ticket holds several articles.

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This is not what op is looking for.
Sadly there is no variable for the ticket body.

Doesn’t article.body provide the content of the ticket? I thought it did. We use #{article.body_as_html}.

Maybe I misunderstand.

The Ticket came in as an email and what I am looking for is the content of this email.
#{article.body} delivers all the posts the agents made, but not the Content of the initial ticket (eMail).

…any idea?

Please see the documentation which is the current as is:

If your instance behaves differently, ensure you’re on the latest patch level.
Nobody can tell because you ignored the template and thus we don’t know what you’re at.
Also ensure you’re using a vanilla system without adjustments, just to be sure it’s not custom made. (The issue I mean)