No tickets are created per form


  • Used Zammad version: 3.1
  • Used Zammad installation source: (source, package, …) package
  • Operating system: Ubuntu 18.04.3
  • Browser + version: chrome 78

I installed Zammad 3.1
I configured Zammad on an Ubuntu 18.04 server.
I have installed Ruby on Rails, Elasticsearch, PostgreSQL and other dependencies on the server.
I do not have SSL certificate installed in nginx

Tickets are not created in Zammad when forms are used

Should I make any special settings for Zammad to start creating tickets for forms?

Expected behavior:

  • It is expected to receive a ticket in zammad and see it in the list

Actual behavior:

  • The ticket is never created and there is no error notice

Steps to reproduce the behavior:

  • Following the instructions to embed the script on the page, the submit button appears The form is completed and sent.

Run this after submitting the form:
zammad run rails r "p Ticket.last"

If it shows the ticket with it’s title and a created_at around the time your hit submit, you most likely simply don’t have access to the Group the ticket gets created in.

With the currently given information, it is impossible to help you.
Check your logfiles anbd developer console.

Errors will be found there. But again, I’d bet for permission issue on your groups.

Hi Mr Generation
I executed zammad run rails r “p Ticket.last” as indicated and there was no ticket generation.
The user used is the administrator in the users group. No permission issues.
I reinstalled the form script and it started working. I must have made a mistake in the previous installation of the script
Thank you so much

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