No serious error but still mind-melting :)

Hello Zammad-Community o/

I recently startet working as support for a small company I am also responsible for all the Zammad administration/updating etc.

I like how intuitive Zammad is, but there are a few things I can’t solve/ find an answer.

The first is the strange dash in the overview which only appears if there are tickets. If all tickets are assigned/closed etc. it vanishes.

Second thing would be, that after updating to the most recent version of Zammad, it seems that some translations are not working anymore (the text in the picture should be german)
strange translation

Those are of course no big issues but it’s still slightly annoying to look at :smiley:

Any help or suggestion is highly appreciated!

Most probably your overview is grouped by something that isn’t filled for those tickets — you can check that by clicking on ‚options‘ in the top right corner.

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So simple yet so elegant! Thank you very much :heart:

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