No route matches [GET] ERRORS


We were investigating an issue related to the Zammad incoming/outgoing mails and we found out these lines within the Zammad production log:

E, [2021-11-13T21:43:00.337351 #17811-47425207253920] ERROR – : No route matches [GET] /server-status (ActionController::RoutingError)
E, [2021-11-13T21:43:00.588768 #18042-47425207254600] ERROR – : No route matches [GET] /nginx_status (ActionController::RoutingError)

Please is this something we should care about?

Well someones trying to use server state URLs on your instance.
Nothing you can do about that really. It’s not relevant for Zammad directly and thus will just provide an error message (and page) for the one trying to call it.

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