No email notification for certain tickets

In the event of an error, devices send an email to our Zammad and tickets are created. No email should be sent to the device for these tickets because these emails cannot be received. What settings do I have to make for this?

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  • Used Zammad version: Zammad Version 5.2.3
  • Used Zammad installation type: (source, package, docker-compose, …)
  • Operating system: Debian
  • Browser + version: Chrome, Firefox

Expected behavior:

Actual behavior:

Steps to reproduce the behavior:

I think what you are looking for is in the triggers, but not quite that simple.

What I did was first create a new object → Ticket Object called Category. In there we created Categories for tickets. Feedback, General Inquiry, Notifications.

Then I created an email filter that basically sets the category for our notification emails. If the email is from set the Category to Notifications.

The last step was to set the Auto Reply trigger to send if the Category - is not - Notifications.

I hope that explains clearly enough…maybe…

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Thank you, thats the way. It works.

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