Need some help abt zammad

Hello every one,

I have installed zammad on centos 7 (nginx) according to official steps. i m facing one issue. if my machine restart abnormally due to power failure or something. zammad stop working with error 502 bad gateway (nginx). and when i list ports using
netstat -tlpn

Port 3000 wasnt listed here.
after couple of restarts the port 3000 is showing active and zammad runs.

can anyone help me how can i fix this problem?

You have not attached any logs, so it’s a little hard to help you.
What is the output when you run:

systemctl status zammad.service

Really thank alot for reply.
systemctl status zammad is showing zammad service active.
can you plz tell what logs are required?

here is the zammad.error.log. plz see the last line of log.

these are the ports that are listening (3000 port) is not showing. and zammad service showing active.

See this:

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