Need help with custom triggers

Hey guys,

I’m struggling with some custom triggers and it seems I cannot find a proper combination of conditions.

  1. Send mail notification to agents that where set as ticket owner by other agents. But there should be no notification on “self action” owner change.

  2. I want to automatically set an agent as ticket owner as soon as he initially responds to the customer (first reaction), which I believe is default behaviour in OTRS.

How would you implement that?

Hi @Charburner
do you mean something like this?

As soon as an agent sends an articel an the ticket doesn’t have an owner, this agent will become the owner of the ticket.

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Thanks for the reply, your conditions work pretty well :+1:

I can definitely live with that - but it seems impossible to restrict the trigger to first reactions only (the very first time of human response to a customer request). After an initial reply, agents should be able to add articles without being assigned to the ticket.

I tried using the “first reaction changed” with “owner is not set” condition but then the whole trigger was invalid.


Another problem is, that an agent will become the ticket owner as soon as he replies to the ticket, even though he might be the customer (the agent created the ticket for himself and set his own user as customer). This will happen even if I add the condition “Customer is not current user”. So this last condition seems to be ignored?!

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