Names are deleted

Zammad v3.2.x (latest, installed from packages on CentOS 7), Problem exists from the beginning (in our case since December '19)

In our installation, some user’s clear names (given name/surname) are deleted again and again.

For example, when I add those names to a user (which can be found via his e-mail address) from the ticket view -> edit customer, the fields are empty again later.

Also when editing clients via settings -> users, we see the same behavior.
Zammad seems to save the names, shows it under settings -> users also after a page reload, but later they are gone.

Additional info, don’t know if helpful: We have the mail channel enabled where users are created automatically.

Is there anything we can try?

Thank you,

This comes from the user sync with Exchange. The whole system is not very intuitive because you have no chance to see if a user is from an external sync or is a local Zammad User. In my opinion Zammad should disable editing of users from external sync sources because every change you make gets overwritten on the next sync. I disabled LDAP sync completely because of this because mixing local users and synced users leads to this exact problem. If you want to change anything concerning a synced user you have to do this at the sync source, not in Zammad. But local users have to be changed in Zammad of course, good luck finding out which is which.

Whow. Okay, thats a good hint, thank you! Indeed Exchange Integration was active.
I just disabled it, let’s see if that helps…

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