MySQL or Postgres


We are interested in zammad. OTRS 6 Community Edition won‘t receive any updates, because we want to change our system to zammad.

I installed zammad on my new Ubuntu 20.04 via deb package with postgres. It works!

I‘ve seen that MySQL is supported too. I never worked with postgres before. What is better to use? I would use MySQL 8.
Is there more performance with one of the databases?
We have 20-30 agents which are online at the same time. Performance is there an important thing.

Is there anyone who can explain the difference between or is there no difference and I can use MySQL 8 without any problems.

We don‘t migrate the old OTRS data, we start with a fresh and clean installation.

Thanks in advance!

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Personally I would suggest to stick with PostgreSQL.
In the past there were issues with MySQL instances that may be tricky.

In terms of performance you shouldn’t see big differences between both candidates.
Basically it’s your decision which religion you wanna be part of. :wink:

Documentation also encourages to use postgres.
If you really want or must of MySQL, use it. :slight_smile:

A side note:
If you plan to migrate to a hosted instance in the future (for whatever reason), migration fees may apply for MySQL instances. This is because MySQL dumps are not compatible with postgresql ones.

If that side note is not relevant for you, you’re good to go either way.

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