Multiple Email Configuration

  • Used Zammad version: 3.4
  • Used Zammad installation source: Debian
  • Operating system: Ubuntu Server
  • Browser + version: Microsoft Edge Chronium 84.0.522.52

Expected behavior:

  • I already setup an email account and i’m trying to setup a second email account that will be assign to a second group so i can dispatch the tickets

Actual behavior:

  • IMAP: OK, SMTP Error (see screenshot below)

Steps to reproduce the behavior:

What could be the problem?


The problem is that your mail server does not allow the supplied user to send with the email address you provided in the first incoming screen.

Sorry for my late reply, i correct the error and it works.

Now i have the same problem when i try to add a second account, is it always a issue of permissions?

Is it possible to add a second account related to the same SMTP server?

Sorry but I don’t know your MTA setup. If it complains about “permission to send as this sender” then yes, the account you supplied simply is not allowed to send as the mail address you’re trying to setup.

You can technically provide as many different user accounts on the same mail servers as required.

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