More monitoring options when training new Agents

New agents performance and replies in their tickets should be easily monitorable by a trainer.
Currently it is not possible to easily keep track of certain agents if your are managing/training them.

There are three options that come to my mind that could make this easier:

a) Adding new E-Mail recipient options in Triggers/Scheduler so you can create a specific notification for certain actions that gets send to a specific person. Currently such mail can only be sent to Owner, Customer, All Agents or Article Last Sender which is not very helpful in such case.

b) Change the default Agent Mail Notification text so Owner: is always visible and not only when changing. That way you as a manger/trainer you can set to receive all notifications for the whole group and then filter the EMails later by Owner: in your E-Mail program.

c) Add more advanced settings in personal Notification settings so you can “follow” certain users and receive notifications every time they do something in the ticket system.

Option b) is probably the easiest/cheapest fix as a third party program does the leg work.
a) or c) would be more convenient though.

What do you guys think?

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