Monitoring - Handle WARNING as OK

  • Used Zammad version: 3.1.0
  • Used Zammad installation source: DEB
  • Operating system: Debian/GNU Linux 9
  • Browser + version: Chrome 76.0.3809.132

Expected behavior:

  • Close Tickets on WARNING State from Monitoring

Actual behavior:

  • WARNING State opens a ticket, or keeps it open

Is there a way to let Zammad close tickets, when the Monitoring state changes from CRITICAL to WARNING? We do not want to handle WARNING “issues”, only CRITICAL issues via Zammad.
Maybe there’s a possible workaround via /opt/zammad/app/models/channel/filter/monitoring_base.rb?

BTW, i am using the Icinga-Integration.
The message-Body looks like this:

Host: myhost.tld
Service: Filesystem C:/

BR, Christian

In the moment, i am using a trigger to do this.
But maybe there’s a better option?

Well actually the Trigger-Option is the best approach you can use I think.
Reason behind this is, that everything else would involve code changes which are not update safe and need to be redone after every update.

I also don’t think that this will find it’s way into Zammad-default, as this seems to be a rather specific use-case… at least not in the way you would do it. :smiley: (I mean in terms in fiddling around with the code to make it wqork the way you need it to).

Should be the file you’d need to edit, but again, it’s fiddling.

Hi how did you set up the icinga integration? We do not close certain host status messages cleanly. Whenever a service and host alert occurs, only the service status is closed lauter.

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